Useful Links

The National Pest Management Association


Serving over 7000 members worldwide, the National Pest Management Association is a conference of pest control and management experts along with people fighting real world challenges with pests. They hold an annual conference and invite anyone with a particular interest in pest management to attend!


American Horticultural Society

American Horticultural Society

Unique and appealing garden experiences from around the globe will help a visitor to feel at home and engaged all at once. Their ability to narrow in on breed details and eating patterns of insect pests is astonishing!


Pest Control Canada


Pest Control Canada is dedicated to helping companies and individuals ensure a pest-free existence. With an eye on international pest explosions like the bed bug issue, and a firmly local attention to the Canadians who make use of their program, Pest Control Canada is a good resource for many people.


Society for Vector Ecology


Understanding the various impacts of pest management actions in the overall ecology is one of the things Weston Pests scientists work hard at. SOVE is one of the organizations that can help any company make sure their efforts to help pest management are not impacting the environment negatively.


National Pesticide Information Center

National Pesticide Information Center

Helping homeowners, business people and the pest control and management specialists who serve them are all interested in using the best pesticides possible. The most effective, cost effective and environmental impact reducing pesticides are the ones that the NPIC want to see in use, and they offer great information for people who are trying to get there.


Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment


Controlling pests and weeds is one way to help people enjoy the outdoors. This leads to a healthier lifestyle. The difference in quality of life and overall health and wellbeing when the outdoors is a part of the every day lifestyle for a person. The RISE group is a way to get all of those things together in one place.

Our partners, the Bed Bug Extermination Experts of Chicago, have helped us with our research as well. You can find more info about them here.