Sponsor and Donors

Helping Weston Pests to achieve its goal of a pest free life for all mankind are these generous sponsors and donors. Their generosity and commitment to Weston’s platform of research science and developmental investigation is an honor. We appreciate the opportunity to work with each of these donors and sponsors.




 The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is a Gold level partner of Weston Pests. We are glad to coordinate and share facilities with some of the talented PETA scientists, and to advance the understanding of how pests impact the lives of animals out of doors.


University of Auckland


The University of Auckland is one of the founding partners of Weston Pests. With the support of the University and the various academic disciplines which have helped us grow, we are able to report that we are nearing a solution to the international mosquito crisis that threatens health and drinking water around the world.


The University of Washington


 The Pacific North West institute of higher learning is one of the finest places to find laboratory and experimental scientists who are devoted to learning more about the world of pests and pest management. Without doing harm to the greater community, the University of Washington is helpfully learning about alternative methods for controlling pests.


Dakota Nearling Pest Center

This is one of the world’s best centers for the study of pests and their financial impact. Dakota Nearling is a dedicated analytics firm with a staff that understands the wide ranging and water falling impacts from a pest infestation. Their analysis of the 2014 and 2015 bed bug epidemic in New York City was a leading analysis of the heavy costs that could be expected when that situation began. Getting corporations and private individuals to assist when there is an early chance to reduce an infestation problem is DN Pest Center’s reason for being.