Different Pest Species



 Aphids are enemies of the Lacewing, Lady Beetles, and Parasitic Wasps. They also are disliked by entomopathogenic fungi, soldier beetles and syrphid fly larvae. With a wide variety of different executions and specialties in the Aphid family tree, they are easy to find almost anywhere in the world and they pose a risk to plants and food products which are cultivated in their environment.


Australian Plague Locust

australian plague locust

 Outbreaks of the Australian plague locust have caused crop devastation in the past resulting in billions of dollars of lost production. After heavy rains have hit the channel country, Queensland sees an increased number of Plague Locusts which migrate toward the nearby agricultural zone. They are similar to the migratory locust, yellow-winged locust, and spur-throated locust, and measure in general up to 44 mm long. They are gray, brown or green in color and sometimes have a pale stripe down their back. They tend to affect crops like summer crops, cereal crops, vegetable crops, orchard crops, forage crops and pastures.



flies Flies are commonly found in indigenous communities and cultures where outdoor living is common.  They rely upon rubbish, food scraps and open septic tanks for their primary food sources. They are also able to live around open leach drains, under eaves, dirty benches and tables, in lawn clippings and upon animal faeces.



cockroachesOne of the most pervasive species in the world, the cockroach is able to survive upon what others discard. They are eaters of rubbish and food scraps, which they seek out on and around dirty benches and tables, in and under drains, behind stoves and fridges and near bathroom and kitchen cupboards. They are also able to make a living for themselves under floors of older houses, septic tanks and leach drains.



fleasFleas like to live in sandy areas. In order to reproduce, they require blood and like to get it by biting human beings! They also bite humans when there are no other animals around to feast upon. Fleas are usually carried into a house of business on clothing, or animals, or in bedding.