joeDid you know that, while you sleep, thousands of research scientists around the world are concentrating their hardest to keep you bug free? Your bed, blankets and pillows are offer you some protection from insects because of the hard work of the scientists in Weston Pests labs.

The specialties of the scientists range from biology to chemistry to physics, and the collection of different skill sets come together to provide the best and most unique program to counter the world’s insect infestation problems.

In some countries, insects are a nuisance. Millions of dollars are spent to keep the itchy little things away from humans, but they are not threatening to the livelihood or lifestyle or health of the people who live there. In some countries, insects are deadly.

The water supplies are threatened because insects lay their eggs there and pollute the water. People are challenged in their ability to eat the food that’s produced locally, because insects and their friends make their homes in the produce. There are even insects that carry deadly disease which can threaten the health of the local people who don’t have access to medical care.

No matter where you fall in your view of insects, you are no doubt excited to hear that Weston Pests is focused on bed bug elimination. Working with pest control companies around the world, we are dedicating all resources to the understanding of how to get rid of the bed bug problem in close quarters.

The cost of the recent bed bug infestations in large metropolitan areas has been astronomical. Weston Pests aims to reduce the impact of insects and make the world a more comfortable place.