Weston Pest Research

Weston Pests is a research aggregation center that helps pest control companies, non-governmental organizations and advocates for healthy, pest-free living to prosper. Our research scientists help those who are interested make strides toward eliminating pests. Nowhere else does the level of resource exist that will help companies make the right decisions about pesticide use.  Weston Pests present information so that companies can review the different options for natural pest control and determine their ability to go forward. Helping a person or company to learn about pest control is one of the most rewarding factors that Weston Pests brings to the table.

Our research scientists and labs are outfitted with the state of the art gear that our sponsors and donors supply. We are able to provide custom and bespoke scientific research and results, and we also pursue internal projects that help us understand the basic scenarios that we are facing in a world of pests. One of our major partners, the Bed Bug Solutions Chicago team and  I found a great Pest control team in Dayton Ohio – Pest Control Kings – plays in integral part in our research.

Research Scientists and Labs

Our History

image1Weston Pests was founded with the intent to partner with research universities and colleges to better lifestyle and make sure that people could be as healthy as possible. There were not moon landings or the Internet when Weston Pests came to be. However, there were plenty of people whose lives were impacted by insects. There were plenty of people who died of insect related injury and sickness. Weston’s founder, Jonathan Weston, was devoted to seeing their sacrifice redeemed.

Jonathan had spent plenty of time in Africa with his grandfather, and had seen the devastating effects of pests upon crops, water supplies and humans. Jonathan returned to the United States at the age of 18 and opened Weston Pests, the world’s most reliable research lab focused on pest management.

Weston Pests has advanced scientific research labs located in twelve countries. Today, the company employees over 15,000 people and is engaged with vendors, sponsors and donors who are all geared in the same direction Jonathan Weston was: to make the world a better place for everyone to live pest free. Our partners, the EZ Bed Bug Exterminators of Brooklyn play an integral part in our research.